Monday, June 4, 2007

Working on lil head scarves...or is it scarfs -lol-

Been making more of these lately. I love them on my daughter and she has babyfine hair so it keeps the harsh sun off her little noggin :)

Not the best picture of it on here, need to get more. But it actually stayed on her all day! Its big enough to actually fit me if I wanted to wear it. So any age child could wear it.

I have the cutest fabric too. I have Raggity Ann and Andy and Holly Hobby and some pink camo. Hopefully my lil sick babies (teps of 102) will let me get a few more done :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Balance...Wheres the balance???

Not quite sure :)
SInce the warmer weather, I feel like Im am stretched for time!!!! Its 11:20pm and I JUST sat down for the day. If I start crafting...well...I would be up till 2am-3am and I just cant pull anymore all nighters. I need to get some pictures taken and new items listed I just havent had the time to devote to it. I'll try tomorrow. My hubby is gone this week for the Reserves so its just me and my kiddos. Its been kinda nice. Trying to find special things for us to do.
Went to the strawberry festival today and was SO sad I could not be a vendor there. Just didnt have time to throw it all together for this weekend. It was next to impossible to get info on this event. There is always next year :)

Okay a bunch of rambling, just wanna say I am still here...just looking for balance!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The beginning of a...

BEAUTIFUL thing!!!

I cannot express enough how LUCKY I feel to have -stumbled- upon Etsy!!!! I mean honestly it cant get ANY better than this! And its only going to get bigger and BIGGER. And again I feel honored to be a part of such a beautiful community!!!

Here is the lastest article on a few "Etsians"! LOVE IT!

Kimberly from MamaMonkey if featured, visit her shop! Super cute onesies here!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

So honored,

seeing my products on these beautiful lil girls makes staying up till 2am most night working on ittle projects SO worth it! And not only that but the moms and dads are nice enough to send me pictures!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all these beauties!!!!!

Even a mommy!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I never

owned a sewing machine in my life till this year!!!!!!

I always wanted one and something was always coming up and me being SOOO....."cheap" that's not a good word....whats a good word for -not liking to blow money on things for myself- ???

Sooo, not wanting to dish out money for something I might not have the chance to use and daily life getting in the way I never did.

Plus at the time I was making jewelry and was content with just doing that....

I still enjoy doing jewelry, but selling it was tough for me at least. I could not really buy bulk so it was costing me more to make than I was able to make back. Plus beads, beads everywhere didn't work to well with my two toddlers :)

So upon moving cross country (air force) -again- I took a break from being crafty. I still did here and there but more for myself.

I always wanted to make hair bows and did every now and then but only for my daughter. She was completely bald til the age about 1 1/2. And when I say bald I mean BALD!!!!

She couldn't wear the super cute lil clips, no pigtails...nothing TILL I received her first boutique style headband bow! Its was an addiction from there. But being a military SAHM mom I couldn't afford ALL the different kinds I wanted. So I made my own, looking pretty pitiful at first. So I practiced and practiced and thought "Wow this is fun and the possibilities are endless".

I don't make mass produced bows of just one kind or color. I add my style, love and give each one its own character. Sure maybe they dont sell like the mass produced ones BUT I have MUCH more fun making them "my way" and know that mine will be one of a kind. No other little girl will be wearing one exactly like mine.......

Where was I going with this ....

OH... I never owned a sewing machine and was kinda scared of them too. I mean I sew but by hand. A great friend of mine Kym was super sweet and bought me the cutest "Hello Kitty" sewing machine.
It was perfect for a beginning sewer as myself.And perfect for my bows!

Then my husbands grandmather gave me an older Singer Athena 2000 and I was in heaven!!! I always wanted an oder one. Reminds me of my mom or grandmother sewing. I use them both for different things.

So I am expanding my horizons and making other fun projects.

After MANY "try, try agains" I finally perfected my headbands for the grown ups chickies ;)

I am so excited to make more! I LOVE them and wear them EVERYDAY!!! (cause I dont get time to ever fix my hair so this works wonders:)

Check em out...

I have SO much great fabric to choose from! SO excited! They are pretty much perfect ;)
So that brings me to the beginning stages of Becca's Bowtique and who knows how far it will go ;) I have high hopes!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hello Everyone !!!!

Please bare with me as I figure this "blog" thing out!!!

making progress.....its all about making progress ;)
In the mean time, here is one of my little inspirations :)